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Coaching Corner

Souths United continues to coach in line with the FFA’s National Curriculum.  It is recommended that all coaches, parents, and players read the curriculum, which can be found at

Our coaching will follow the 4-stage approach of developing our players as individuals and then as a team.  The stages are linked to the age of our players:

Stage 1 ‘The Discovery Phase’ – Ages U6-U9

The Discovery Phase is an introduction into our sport.  At Souths, we introduce our future players through the Squirts program where the kids turn up on a Saturday morning and play a number of different types of games with the ball, without pressure, that we hope will excite them and create a desire for them to return for more.

From U6 the kids are grouped into teams, and play games 4v4 on a field without goalkeepers.  We encourage no coaching with the motto ‘just let them play’ so that the most important people involved in the game, ‘the players’, can try things and start discovering the wonders of the sport for themselves.

Stage 2 ‘The Skill Acquisition Phase (SAP) – Ages U10 – U13

This is the key phase where arguably the future of Australian Football will be determined.  Analysis of Australian Football from recent World Cups has shown that our players lack the technical ability to compete with the top nations and that if we want to be ‘the best’ then we have to train like the best.  This phase concentrates on 4 Core Skills: 1: Striking the ball, 2: First touch, 3: 1v1’s and 4: Running with the ball.

Coaches who undertake the C-Youth License have been trained in the process in coaching these skills. 

Stage 3 ‘The Game Training Phase’ – Ages U14 –U17

Once our players have developed the skills they can then concentrate on how to play the game, developing tactical awareness, perception and decision-making through a game-related approach to training.

Stage 4 ‘The Performance Phase’ – U17 and Above

Hopefully our players at the age of 17 have developed a love for the game through the Discovery Phase, the skills they require to play the game through the SAP Phase and a good understanding of how to play the game.  Now’s the time to learn how to win.