Finals are Nearly Here

Congratulations to those teams that have made it through to the Finals and good luck to those teams that need results to go their way this weekend!
Under 12 BJL, Under 13 BJL, Under 14 BJL, Under 15 BJL, Under 16 BJL
Under 12 Div 2, Under 15 Div 2, Under 16 Div 2 Girls, MCL 2, WCL 4, O35 Div 3 Thunder
Under 13 Div 2, Under 13 Div 5, Under 14 Div 3, Under 14 Div 1 Girls
Rosters  6 September
Set-up: U6 Crocodiles, Manta Rays and Seahorses, U7 Cougars, Leopards and Panthers, U8 Cockatoos and Eagles, U9 Hurricanes and Monsoons, U10 Piranhas, U11 Cobras, U13 Div 5, U14 Div 3 (Sunday) and U16 Div 2 (Sunday)
Pack-up: U6 Alligators, Dolphins and Sharks, U7 Lions, Jaguars and Wildcats, U8 Hawks and Lorikeets, U9 Thunders and Tornadoes, U10 Emperors, U11 Pythons, U12 Div 1 Girls, U15 Div 2 (Sunday) and U16 Div 2 (Sunday)



Souths United Soccer Club started in 1961, when the Council of the day gave an overgrown farm plot to a group of local enthusiasts to use as a base for their new team. 

At this time, Celtic United provided Souths with 2 strips in their traditional white with emerald green hoops, which to this day, remain Souths colours.

Since its small beginnings as South Coast United in 1962, with 2 junior teams and 2 senior teams, Souths United Soccer Club, as it is known today, has grown to over 60 junior teams and 12 senior teams!